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It is not only the speed of attendance that is important with a Major Trauma incident, but the quality of the kit you have with you. Openhouse have partnered with Celox, Blizzard Survival and the Emergency Service Training Centre to build range of packages to cover a major incident across multiple disciplines.

Available in three sizes, the kits contain large dressings and ambulance dressings among other first aid equipment. It can be supplied in either fluorescent orange with reflective printing or tactical black colour.

Designed to contain all of the essential equipment necessary to treat serious injuries, and fits securely in the majority of our Infection Control Range bags taking up one pouch slot.


1 x Pouch – Harness mounted (190mm x 120mm x 70mm HxLxD) – Made in micrAgard Plus™ material, our anti-bacterial, anti-microbial flame retardant fabric.
1 x Alcohol Free Wipes (5 Pack) – Sterile wipes for wound cleaning.
1 x Ambulance Bandage 1 – Sterile ambulance dressing, with a highly absorbent 10 x 12.5cm pad that cushions wounds and provides initial protection from infection.
1 x Ambulance Bandage 2 – Sterile ambulance dressing, with a highly absorbent 15 x 20cm pad that cushions wounds and provides initial protection from infection.
2 x Sterile Solution 20ml – Useful in the topical irrigation and cleansing of wounds, including deep wounds and burns.
1 x Nitrile Gloves – Vital PPE
1 x CAT Tourniquet ? Combat Application Tourniquet® ? a true one-handed tourniquet ? has decreased the mortality rate due to extreme exsanguination by 85%. The U.S. Army Institute of Research deemed it to be 100% effective.
1 x Orange Rescue Whistle
1 x 24 Hour Glow-stick – Easy to use, essential light source

Kits can be branded or sized to your requirements – please get in touch.

You never know what you?ll be up against next. Car crashes, assaults on your colleagues, injuries from falls or disputes that end badly. You?re the common thread to these emergencies and it?s your job to save lives. Celox was originally used to save lives on the battlefield by stopping the most catastrophic bleeding in minutes and is now carried by a wide range of emergency services.  Its haemostatic technology works independently of blood clotting factors, this means that even if the patient is on  blood thinners, or has lost a lot of blood, the blood will clot with Celox. Make sure you have the best technology there is for controlling arterial bleeding. Paramedic, police officer or firefighter, you?ll be better equipped with Celox wherever you go.

The haemostat for severe bleeding injuries.
Effective on a range of clotting abnormalities.
Proven control of emergency bleeding in the field.

Emergency Services Training Centre is an elite, purpose built site that delivers specialist emergency services and offshore survival simulation and training – including PHTLS, FPOS, Diver Medical, Fire and Police D13 training courses. The Emergency Services Training Centre has 22 years of unparalleled experience.

Total Immersion Training Facilities
With a series of purpose built and impressive training rigs which allow for realistic simulation, total immersion and evaluation. A major incident can be challenging at the best of times, but when you are dealing with a multi casualty incident, debris, glass, alarms sounding, smoke and flames, could these distractions cloud your judgement? Would this affect your ability in the decision making process?

ESTC also offers a full ?indoor village? where bomb blasts, building collapses and house fires can be replicated to test the rescuer?s capabilities. Do you know if your service has the resilience to deal with a train derailment or a vehicle that has breached a level crossing with multi-casualty involvement? Our train simulator has the capability to stretch the emergency services to the limits.

Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd, who are part of Persys Medical, offer a range of high quality Passive Warming Systems using our unique material Reflexcell™ that, through its reflective air pocket construction offers the best insulation property of any comparable product.


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