Response Backpack With Removable Divider Tray

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This Response Bag is designed with voluntary medical services in mind who attend events to be present on the scene should an accident or medical emergency present itself.

On the front of the bag you will find a scoop zip; this scoop zip allows quick and easy access to all equipment.  Once opened you will see a divider; this allows for organisation with several compartments to place your equipment.  This promises that all equipment is on display whilst sorted neatly in its own compartment is there when you need it and can be easily taken out.  On the inside of the door that the zip opens, you will find a net pocket with allows for extrication collars or paperwork.  It has a secure, high quality hook and loop seal which will stop any of this becoming loose and/or lost.

The internal divider tray inside is removable; this means all equipment can be stored individually out of the bag and loaded up with equipment all together to ensure consistency and that all members of the service on the scene have the equipment they need.  This also means that should they become damaged, this component of the bag is entirely replaceable meaning that if it’s lost or damaged there will be no need to replace the entire bag.

Response Bag Removeable Bag Divder 2

On the base there are rubberised feet, which provide distance between the product and the ground which prevents damage when the bag experiences friction.

There is a side pocket which allows for a sharp spin to be stored and accessed easily.

The bag has two large rubber handles allowing for a confident grip even when the user is wearing gloves.  The choice of two means that the bag is able to be carried vertically or horizontally – whichever the user is most comfortable with.

The bag can also be worn on the user’s back, via two storable backpack straps.  The storage cover on the back is padded so when not storing the straps it will both give a bit of extra protection to the equipment inside the bag but will also support the user’s back.  The option to store the bag straps means that the product can then be stored in a vehicle out of the way and not take up additional space.  It also ensures that the back can be placed down on the floor and not pose a risk itself as the straps will be tucked away safely and will not be a tripping hazard.

A zipped side pack allows for storage and easy access to smaller pieces of equipment that there may not have been space for in the main divider. There is also a zipped top pocket which is ideal for emergency medication or even smaller items.  Expandable elasticated net pockets are useful for very small items that would otherwise get lost in the bottom of the bag.  The loops keep anything organised and in place.

Response Bag Top Open

There is a clear ID slide window on the front of the bag which stores an ID badge showing the training level of the medical staff.  Heat transfer reflective printing is embedded into the bag so that it won’t fade or rub off with time and use and is highly visible in the dark when a light shines on it.  The printing “Response Bag” and the checker print is embedded onto the bag via this method and the checker printing can be found on the front, sides and top.  The logo is high frequency welded and as the bag is made to order, any logo can be placed onto it.

The bag is made from our exclusive micrAgard™ material, which is wipe clean.  As an anti-microbial material, bacteria cannot live on the service meaning if substance such as blood gets onto the bag it can be wiped clean illness and infection will not be passed on.  In addition to this, it is water resistant keeping the equipment dry and safe and is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled – see the micrAgard™ information page for more detail.  It is also available in 8 different colours meaning it can be made to your own design specification.

Response Bag Front 3

Dimensions: 500mm x 580mm x 190mm


  • Made to order from our exclusive wipe clean micrAgard™ material
  • Scoop zip
  • Removable divider – fully replaceable
  • Net pocket
  • Rubberised base feet
  • Side Pocket for Sharp Spin
  • Two large rubber handles
  • Storable straps
  • Padded protective back
  • Zipped side and top pocket
  • Expandable elasticated net pockets
  • Loops
  • Clear ID Slide
  • Heat transfer reflective printing
  • Checker prints
  • High frequency welded logo

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