10 First Aid Kits for ANY Situation

Here at Openhouse we do a selection of first aid kits that could literally cover any situation you might […]

Here at Openhouse we do a selection of first aid kits that could literally cover any situation you might face in day to day life or while you are away doing something a little different.

Outdoor Pursuits

outdoor first aid kitDesigned specifically for hill walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and campers the Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Kit is a compact bag that comes with a survival blanket to regulate the temperature of any person that suffers an accident while out adventuring. The small bag will fit into a backpack easily and is a necessary requirement for any outdoor activity.


The Sports First Aid Kit is a fuller and more comprehensive kit than the Outdoor Pursuits it will look after a whole team of athletes. A relief instant ice pack is possibly the most important part of this kit and will give an instant cooling relief to prevent the swelling of a sprained muscle.


Burns first aid kitThe Burns First Kit is ideal for people who work in kitchens or the food service industry, it would also be a welcome case in the kitchen at home. The kit contains a revolutionary Religel burns dressings and gels to soothe and protect after an accident has happened and the kit itself comes in a red bag to make it stand out from the other first aid kits.


The Travel kit is a compact First Aid Kit ideal for business trips and holiday travel. It’s small size makes it perfect to fit in your luggage as it takes up next to no room. Inside you will find a full first aid kit with dressings, bandages and wipes. Just make sure it doesn’t go into your hand luggage should you be flying as their are first aid scissors also included.


Overseas sterile first aid kitThe Overseas Kit was designed to be handled by medical professionals where the sterility of medical disposables cannot be guaranteed. It includes syringes, sutures and a Butterfly IV set.

Compact Vehicle

When travelling around Europe some countries actually legally require that you keep a first aid kit in the car. This is the smaller of the vehicle first aid bags, inside it holds a compact first aid kit which can be easily stored in a glovebox.

SUV Vehicle

vehicle first aidThe larger of our motoring first aid kits comes with more dressings, plasters, wipes, pads and a mouth shield and guard for resuscitation. A larger kit, for bigger families, or groups travelling together, or for someone that wants to be a little more prepared.


Made with little ones in mind, the Children’s First Aid Kit comes with character plasters to make those injuries feel a little better. The kit also comes with adult size bandages and dressings should an older person in the family have an accident.


Designed to be the fully comprehensive first aid kit for any home, the Family Kit has an abundance of equipment, which will last you through many accidents and injuries. The kit genuinely comes with every possible first aid product.


pet first aid kitFinally we have a unique first aid kit which you may not have seen before. If you have a pet and worry when they get into all sorts of trouble, like fights or accidents, it would be wise to ease those worries and give yourself some peace of mind by having a first aid kit that is made exactly for them. The kit comes with plenty of equipment that will fit your pet such as plastic pouches that will cover paw injuries.

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