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From first aid bandages to ambulance dressings and everything in-between.


Everything you need for burns management in one place


Designed to help stop bleeding from emergency life-threatening injuries fast

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A collection of fully & semi automatic defibrillators and accessories


A range of diagnostic equipment including blood pressure monitors, glucose testing strips and more

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Requirements to ensure full safety when moving a patient


All eye care requirements from wash stations to eye pad dressings

First Aid

Full first aid kits inc. trauma, burns, workplace, sports and refills


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the potential client.


If you are looking for,
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selection of products to help with CPR training


A variety of airway management equipment

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A collection of bags with contents for everything ready to go


Thermal blankets, prehospital kneeing mats and more


Adult & Child, BVM & oxygen masks

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A range of personal protection equipment


A selection of tourniquets used for emergencies

Discover the Ideal Medical Bag Small in Size, Big on Functionality

At Openhouse, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of medical supply bags and accessories. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve become a trusted supplier to the NHS, emergency services, and various sectors. Therefore, whether you’re a doctor, nurse, vet, or physio, our range has something for everyone.

Choosing the Perfect Medical Bag Small but Mighty

Firstly, selecting the right medical bag is crucial. Importantly, it needs to be compact yet capable of holding all your essentials. Additionally, ease of access, durability, and hygiene are key factors. Consequently, our micrAgard™ range ticks all these boxes and more.

Features of Our Medical Bag Small in Size

Moreover, each medical bag small in design that we offer comes packed with features. For instance, they are lightweight, making them easy to carry during long shifts. Furthermore, their water-resistant material ensures your medical supplies stay dry, no matter the weather.

The Versatility of a Medical Bag Small and Efficient

Additionally, our medical bags are not only for healthcare professionals. Indeed, they are perfect for anyone requiring a reliable and organized way to carry medical supplies. For example, sports coaches and adventure enthusiasts find them incredibly useful.

Medical Bag Small: Ideal for Every Setting

Furthermore, our medical bag small options are versatile enough to suit any environment. Whether in a busy hospital, on the sidelines of a sports field, or in the depths of the wilderness, these bags stand up to the challenge.

Conclusion: Your Go-To for a Medical Bag Small

In conclusion, Openhouse offers an unmatched selection of medical bags. Our expertise and dedication to quality ensure you get the best possible product. So, for those in need of a compact, functional, and durable medical bag, look no further than Openhouse.