Specialist solutions come as standard at Openhouse.

Our passion for bespoke solutions and innovative designs has continued to grow over the last twenty years, ensuring that we are still leaders in the textile manufacturing industry. Every one of our products is designed to offer lasting comfort, quality and durability, even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Our dedicated UK based Design and Production Teams are experienced in working with a large range of materials. From automated cutting to computerised sewing and welding, we can tailor your product exactly to your requirements, right down to the fine details like fixtures and graphics.

Our relentless drive to improve our service has led us to many innovations including our lightweight, super-strength, dual-sided micrAgard material – a groundbreaking development in the fight against cross contamination. For further details take a look at this booklet.

Research and Design

We welcome enquiries from clients in all sectors and are happy to meet you, whether you have a problem to be solved or an idea you want us to bring to life. Along with our years of experience and extensive knowledge, offering a bespoke design process means we really can tailor the product to your exact specifications – the products you see on our website are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can create!

Each and every one of our products undergo rigorous tests and quality checks to ensure outstanding performance every time. We can also offer proof load tests through examinations as required by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, under the health and Safety at Work Act 1974 certified product testing.

Featured Services

Our philosophy is to continuously improve all areas of the business in order to improve expectations.

Research and Design

Our ability to create custom designs and innovations provides an infinite range of possibilities for our customers.


Good preparation is the key to producing the perfect “fit for purpose” solution every time. Our fully automated cutting room receives online instructions from the Design Team and is then able to immediately swing into small, medium or large volume production.


We have a suite of identical High Frequency Welding Machines on which we produce a wide range of quality clinical, thermal and water proof products.


All the graphics you see are designed and produced in-house for ultimate flexibility using the latest in computerised printing and embroidery equipment.

Weld-able Reflective Badges

Our brand new weld-able badges are the ultimate solution in wipe-clean products. The badges are impregnated into the fabric so there are no “sewn on” reflective strips that can rip off.

Reflective Printing

Printed with high quality reflective coverage which is impregnated into the bag, with maximum visibility offering you extra safety when our products are in use.


All of our embroideries are produced in-house to the highest quality using the maximum amount of stitches possible for each design, ensuring it looks great and stays with the product for the whole of its life.


We have a suite of identical computer-aided heavy duty sewing machines which are constantly calibrated to ensure continuity of production. These are operated by a team of highly skilled sewing machinists who are experienced in the manufacture of Openhouse bespoke products.


Our quality management system is embraced by every area of Openhouse. This quality follows every product through its journey from initial enquiry all the way through to production and invoicing. There is traceability and accountability at all times.

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