10 Years & Going Strong For Heathrow CRU

With more than 42,000 patients treated, it is safe to say that since the London Ambulance Service launched its Cycle […]

With more than 42,000 patients treated, it is safe to say that since the London Ambulance Service launched its Cycle Response Unit at Heathrow Airport on August 6th 2004, it has certainly had a positive, and sometimes lifesaving, impact on the lives of many of the passengers and employees at the world’s busiest airport.LASLogo

To help celebrate a decade of decisive treatment, a ceremony was arranged on the 10th anniversary, with some of the attendee’s coming from both the patient and paramedic side of the fence. The ceremony also included a special presentation of a brand new cycle response bike, donated by Heathrow Airport Limited, with two of these attendee’s receiving the bike on behalf of the London Ambulance Service.

Graham Clark, who works at the airport for British Airways, received lifesaving treatment from cycle medic Mick Hampson, one year to the day after the launch of the Cycle Response Unit. After suffering a cardiac arrest whilst working, Mick was able to get to Graham in time to re-start his heart using the portable defibrillator, which is included in the cycle response packs

Mick confirmed the importance of having such a quick response team on standby by saying, “I was definitely in the right place at the right time. The fact that we are based here and I CRUBikeImagewas able to get to him so quickly most probably made the difference between life and death.”

The service provided by the CRU has only increased in importance, as well as improved, over the last 10 years. The current team of 15 paramedics dealt with just under 6,000 incidents in 2013-14, compared to just 473 in 2004-5. At the same time the number of patients treated at the scene increased from 34% to up to 75% – a staggering increase, which means that the regular ambulance crews are freed up to deal with other emergencies.

Openhouse is proud of its link with the London Ambulance Service, and knowing that the cycle response unit kits that are supplied to them play such a vital role in treating an increasing number of people, gives even more satisfaction to the team here.

The kits we provide for the London Ambulance Service are made to their bespoke requirements and we can adapt our design and manufacturing methods to meet the needs of many industries. If you would like any further information on how we can help your business, simply get in touch.

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