Celebrating our 30th anniversary at Openhouse

This October is a little more special to us at Openhouse, as we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary!

Throughout the […]

This October is a little more special to us at Openhouse, as we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary!

Throughout the month of October, we have been taking our social followers on a journey back in time to where Openhouse all started, and how we became market leaders in the field of supplying medical bags to an array of difference sectors.  Our passion for bespoke solutions and innovative designs has continued to grow over the last 30 years, ensuring that we are still leaders in the textile manufacturing industry.

Throughout the last 30 years, our Openhouse family has extended to become a team of 42, with every member having a massively important part to play. We are very proud of our team and their continuous efforts to ensure we work to the highest standards and that quality filters down to every department we work in.

Over the last three decades Openhouse has grown to supply some of the largest and most hard-working public and private sector companies in the world. In 2019, having successfully supplied bags and equipment to Australasia for several years, we proudly opened the doors to Openhouse Products Australia. We also supply products to 8 different countries around the globe!

What our customers are saying about us in our 30th year

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your products are everything you’ve been searching for.  Whether you’re looking for a ‘ready to go’ bag or want a more bespoke design, we are dedicated to ensuring your new product is exactly what you wished for.

“My made-to-order bag was designed to my exact specification, and I was kept informed of its progress and felt as though I could approach the staff at Openhouse at any point in the design and manufacture process for updates and questions. Definitely recommend Openhouse!”

Our dedicated UK based Design and Production Teams are experienced in working with a large range of materials. From automated cutting to specialist sewing and welding, Openhouse can tailor your product exactly to your requirements, right down to the finer details like fixtures and graphics.
Your opinions matter to us and we love hearing how your new products are working for you – share your reviews with us here!

Over the last 30 years we’ve continued to modify and improve our products to suit you!

Our favourite items chosen by you: the micrAgard range.

The idea for micrAgard first came about at the Ambex conference. The hot topic among paramedics visiting our stand was infection control as well as the many different situations in which the average paramedic’s kit bag would be exposed to harmful bacteria.

Determined to find a solution to this problem, we began to consult with material chemists and experts in microbiology both in the UK and overseas. The great challenge was to ensure that it would also be flame retardant to aircraft standards, to ensure it would be suitable for as many industries as possible.  The final result which we use today is a physical manifestation of our desire to always push the boundaries on innovation and design. However, we’re always up for the next challenge, so we will continue to improve micrAgard in line with new technological developments to offer our customers nothing but the best.

Our favourite items, chosen by you!
OH Response Backpack LITE
OH Incident Command Backpack
OH Backpack LITE
Response Backpack PLUS