6 Things You Didn’t Know About First Aid in the Work Place

first aidEver wanted to be an office […]

first aidEver wanted to be an office hero? Everyone knows a little first aid but the tips in this post are the tips that can save lives. Be a hero and read on.

Any office no matter how small needs someone appointed to look after the first aid box and arrangements. Workplaces with more significant health and safety risks will need a fully trained first-aider. Should they be away, or on holiday you’ll need to step up and become a legend.


If one of your work pals has clogged their windpipe do not try the Heimlich manoeuvre, you need to take the following actions:

  1. Hit them firmly on the back between the shoulder blades to dislodge the object clogging their windpipe.
  2. If necessary, call 999 or get someone else to do it.


Should one of your teammates burn themselves you probably know the first correct action to FirstAidKittake, the second action you may not know. If someone is burnt, act quickly and do the following:

  1. Cool the burn under cold running water for at least ten minutes.
  2. Loosely cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag.
  3. If necessary, call 999 or get someone else to do it

First aid for a stroke

The actions that need to be taken for a stroke are to first recognise the symptoms using the

FAST actions.

Face: Is there weakness on one side of the face?

Arms: Can they raise both arms?

Speech: Is their speech easily understood?

Time: to call 999

If these symptoms are shown, call 999 immediately.

Heart Attack

If a colleague is suffering from persistent, vice-like chest pain, which may spread to their arms,

Photo by Danielweiresq / CC BY

Photo by Danielweiresq / CC BY

neck, jaw, back or stomach they could be having a heart attack.

  1. Call 999 immediately
  2. Get them comfortable, sit them down, lean them against a wall or a chair
  3. Constantly reassure them while waiting for the ambulance.

Someone in Distress

If a colleague is in distress, you need to be there for them.

  1. Show them you are listening to them, and then ask them how you can help.
  2. Be considerate of what is going on around them and what they need

Download the Red Cross First Aid App

Download the Red Cross first aid app for free from the Apple App store or the Google play store. The app has clear and simple advice for 18 everyday first aid scenarios, there’s also quizzes and videos to help you learn and make you a life saver.

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