Barry the Bariquin appears on The One Show

Did you spot Barry on BBC’s The One Show? 

A Bariquin is a plus-size mannequin training aid. ‘Barry’ as the […]

Did you spot Barry on BBC’s The One Show? 

A Bariquin is a plus-size mannequin training aid. ‘Barry’ as the original is known, is a bariatric training mannequin that weighs 25 stones (350lbs/159kgs), yet it is easy to disassemble to move or store. Barry has been designed to assist the manual handling training of healthcare workers, emergency personnel and many others enabling them to safely and efficiently manoeuvre or rescue plus-size people whilst maintaining the subject’s dignity.

Bariquins overcome the disadvantages associated with traditional mannequins. When using Barry, he doesn’t need a team of trained people to move him to and from the training area. Nor does he need filling with water or emptying afterwards. Unlike using a volunteer, Barry won’t get tired or embarrassed during training and there is no danger of hurting him in a training accident. Barry can also be placed into hazardous environments and in a variety of ‘uncomfortable positions’ to mimic different training scenarios. As he is modular, Barry can also be used to simulate patients with missing limbs. Barry’s limbs have been designed to flex similarly to those of a real person and with a comparable weight distribution, gives a more accurate training experience. Bariquins are made up of 15 weighted parts, a jacket plus realistic looking head, hands and feet and the heaviest component is less than 16kgs (less than the weight of a flight suitcase). Carrying handles are provided on all the heaviest body parts of a Bariquin. Simple connectors are used allowing Barry to be assembled in under 10 minutes. A system of decals placed on the parts easily identifies where each section fits to assist assembly. Barry is designed to withstand the most demanding of environments, being made of impact resistant material which is easy to clean with soap and water.

Check out the Bariquins website here.