At Openhouse, we have recently invested in a fleet of brand new, shiny, all singing all dancing cylinder arm and taper machines.  These machines are used in the construction process of manufacturing our bags.

The machines are heavy duty and more robust than those before them.  They allow us to ensure the consistency of the work that goes through them.

[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”19887,19886,19885,19884,19883″] The fact we have invested in these new machines shows that we always like to be one step ahead, and aim to keep up with the highest standard of machine as possible.  They also ensure that our British manufacturing can continue at the highest achievable quality.

These machines are made by Juki, as are the majority of the other machines we use here at Openhouse.  We are confident in the quality and workmanship that these machines can provide us.

Openhouse have invested back into the factory knowing that British manufacturing to the highest quality and standard will continue to grow.  We are keen to recruit and train the latest generation of skilled machinists.

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