Design Your Own Bespoke Bag With Openhouse


Here at Openhouse, we pride ourselves on the excellent quality and […]


Here at Openhouse, we pride ourselves on the excellent quality and design of our bespoke bags. Here’s how you can create your own.

How to Design a Bag with Openhouse

There is no doubt that many industries need their equipment to meet a range of different criteria (sometimes specific to a field), and buying the standard gear that is made to sell to the masses simply isn’t good enough.

That is where bespoke products can come in handy. With their custom made design and specific fixtures, they are fit for purpose products that are made to deliver exactly what is required of them.

With over twenty years of experience, the Openhouse team design and produce high quality, bespoke products that are made to offer the maximum comfort and durability to ensure an excellent standard of performance, even in the most demanding of circumstances.

The Process: Design Your Own

Designing your own bespoke product is simple. All you have to do is follow five easy steps and Openhouse will do the rest, first designing a mock up of the product using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and then bringing the custom made product to reality.

Step 1: Pick your style and shape
Will you need a rucksack to carry products over long distances? Or will you need a trolley bag for ease of transportation? There are a range of different styles and shapes available and it is important to think about which kind will meet your needs and expectations.

Step 2: Pick your size
What are you going to store inside your bag? Do you need a bag or a pouch? When creating a bespoke design, you can select specific measurements to ensure that your product is tailored to suit you.

Step 3: Pick your fixtures
Will your bag need ‘grab and go’ pouches? Do you need comfort straps for long distance carrying, or lockable zips for additional security? Openhouse can cater to a wide range of different criteria, whether you need your bag to be fire retardant or anti-microbial, non-rot material or fluid repellent.

Step 4: Pick your colours
Does your bag need to be a specific colour? Or perhaps you require hi-vis or camouflage material? Simply select the preferred colour of your bag and Openhouse will make it so.

Step 5: Pick your graphics
Do you want your company logo on your bag? Or do you need specific symbols such as hazard or first aid signs? Openhouse can place your chosen graphics onto your bag for the finishing touches to a completely custom and bespoke design.

The opportunities for custom innovation are endless. We have a huge range of options to choose from for all aspects of each product. Openhouse’s design team welcome any opportunity to research and challenge their knowledge and experience with new ideas and designs. For more information, please call +44(0) 151 647 4044 or fill in our short inquiry form.

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