Funny Stories from Christmas in the Public Services and A and E

Christmas in the public services and accident and emergency room is not where anyone wants to end up, but […]

Christmas in the public services and accident and emergency room is not where anyone wants to end up, but for some quite silly people heading to A and E seems almost inevitable, especially when they put themselves in such dangerous situations.


This year there are worries in some areas, especially in Scotland, that because General Practitioners are taking 8 days holiday over the Christmas and New Years Period that there will be a flood of people in A and E. NHS 24, the out of hours medical helpline, is expecting to take 80,000 calls over the two festive weekends and people working in A and E are fearing that departments may struggle to cope with the extra strain.

Our advice to help the public services this year is to not copy what these foolish people attempted and to go to hospital if you feel it is necessary.

Father Christmas

A common story that goes round the wards, which we’ve been unable to find a origin for, tells of a man who decided to deliver his families Christmas presents the traditional way… through the chimney.

Tying one end of a rope around his waist and the other end to the bumper of his car, the gentleman climbed onto the roof of his house. He started sending the presents down the chimney and to his horror sees his wife getting into the car and began to drive away.

The story goes that the man was remarkably, not too badly injured.

Walking on Water

North Manchester A and E Consultant, Philip Randall, has seen a fair share of festive disasters. The next 2 stories are all his.

This goes out as a warning to all those drinking too much over the festive period!

A man who had got himself a little too bleary eyed decided to go for a walk over a frozen canal. What he didn’t realise, was that the canal was not in fact frozen. The moonlight reflecting off the water tricked his boozy brain and left him a bit wet and stuck in the mud.

The fire brigade came to rescue him an hour later, he was suffering hypothermia and was brought to hospital immediately.

Christmas Dinner

Philip Randall’s most ridiculous festive A and E story comes from someone that wasn’t sick or injured, but still felt the need to waste medical staff’s time.

A woman called up on Christmas day and asked how long she should cook her Turkey for. The mind staggers at how foolish some people are!

Mr. Randall told the BBC that “The nurse who took the call said it was hardly an accident and emergency problem, to which the woman replied: “If we don’t cook it properly, we’re going to get food poisoning and we’ll have to come in – then it’ll be your problem.”

“We told her to give it 20 minutes per pound plus twenty minutes on top and she seemed satisfied.”

To aid hospitals and accident and emergency rooms this year please only make your way down if you feel it it is necessary.

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