How to Organise an Emergency Vehicle


Openhouse discuss how to keep the mass of […]


Openhouse discuss how to keep the mass of equipment kept in emergency vehicles organised and easy to reach.

In an emergency every second counts, the time it takes to find the correct drugs or equipment from your emergency  vehicle can be the difference between life and death. This means that it is imperative that emergency vehicles be organised and tidy at all times.

Obviously this can be quite difficult with so much equipment and little time, but it can be made easier with some products that are designed to help keep your vehicle clean and tidy.


The Seat Tidy is a simple vehicle organiser that can look after stationary, paperwork, maps and even some travel snacks! It fixes to the back of car seat with webbing straps and VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop and can hold a great deal of items as it has pockets in both the front and back.

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Before you have to carry anything that is likely to damage or dirty the back of your vehicle, fit the Universal Bootliner covering your boot and lowered seats to protect it, after all replacing furnishings and removing stains is a lot more difficult. The universal bootliner will fit any car and comes with a handy bag that it can easily fold back into. Also if you ever find yourself in trouble, the bootlegger comes with a fluorescent triangle that can hang out the back of the car, signalling that you are awaiting an emergency mechanic.

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The Vehicle Pack has been designed specifically to fit a great deal of equipment into a small space, fitting easily under the seat, into a footwell or taking next to no room in the boot of a vehicle. The pack is made with lightweight and waterproof material for easy extraction.

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Fitting easily into your glove box, the Compact Vehicle First Aid Kit will be there should you ever need it, and when you don’t need it you’ll hardly know it’s there.

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Should you carry a piece of equipment that is bulky, untidy, difficult to fit into or remove from your vehicle, get in touch with our team to see if we can design you a bag that will help things. We have designed products for all areas of the emergency services, search and rescue teams and charities, if you think we can help please send us an email.


Openhouse are a supplier of bespoke bags and equipment to the emergency services, for more information please head to our main site for more details.