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Let’s talk…EMCrit SCRAM™

Openhouse has recently been part of a video to promote two new co-branded products – Resus SCRAM and Crash RX.

SCRAM is an emergency airway bag that provides a structured reproducible approach to airway management. Its innovative and revolutionary range is designed to enhance the performance of airway management in patients. Through SCRAM, our vision is to enhance the performance of emergency airway management by promoting safe, well governed emergency anaesthesia and tracheal intubation.

When you open the bag up, everything you need is there, it is durable and robust and designed to be placed on a table next to the patient. Crash RX is attached to SCRAM and is an innovative emergency airway drug bag designed to simplify and standardise emergency anaesthesia. All the information you need to know about SCRAM and Crash RX can be found on Scott Weingart’s podcast, but we will walk you through the various features and designs in this blog.

What’s SCRAM and how did it come about?

Openhouse are proud to be the sole manufacturer of the SCRAM range, and we have been working closely with Professors Paul Swinton and Scott Weingart on the development of the new Resus SCRAM and Crash RX. Paul Swinton is a HEMS Paramedic involved in critical care and retrieval medicine in Glasgow. He did his MSc in Trauma Sciences through Queen Mary University of London. He co-invented SCRAM with Scott Weingart. Dr Scott Weingart is an ED Intensivist from New York.

He is best known for the globally popular EMCrit podcast, his podcast on resuscitation and ED critical care. The pair have invented SCRAM and Crash RX for both adults and children.

What are the main features of Adult SCRAM?

  • Stencilled kit dump standardises layout and allows efficient pre-stocking
  • New pull-out airway kit dump; The yellow side is designed for scalpel finger bougie technique, the blue side for kit
  • New mechanism for the storage of bougies
  • Auditing options of unique barcode, checklist pocket and RFID/NFC pocket (tag not included)
  • The Fidlock system on the front of the bag is compatible with the Rx line, designed to contain drugs for emergency anaesthesia
  • Lockable zips compatible with tamperproof seals
  • Gross motor indicators reduce cognitive load
  • Checklist pouch
  • Weatherproof – portable and easy to use
  • Wipe clean – MicrAgard

The SCRAM Resus bag complete with the Crash RX bag and airway equipment means there’s no need for a medical checklist. SCRAM is waterproof and very durable, it wears well.

More about the paediatric SCRAM line  

Following the success of the Adult SCRAM, it was decided there should be a paediatric version. This, however, didn’t come without its challenges. Paediatric SCRAM bags require a broader size range of equipment and need to accommodate children ranging from around 3kg at birth to 50kg in adolescence. A paediatric version of Adult SCRAM was created to enhance the performance of paediatric airway management intervention, while in turn reducing error and cognitive load.

Paediatric SCRAM is designed to be a compact Paediatric Emergency Airway Bag that provides a structured reproducible approach to paediatric airway management. The design and selection of equipment spans the entire neonatal to adolescent age range, and the lay out of the bags makes it easy to access the appropriate age range equipment. The preparation and organisation of equipment with SCRAM helps reduce the time to airway intervention, it reduces the margin for error, standardises practice and promotes good governance.

What are the key features of Crash RX emergency airway drug bag? 

Crash RX, which was also designed and developed by Professor Scott Weingart and Paul Swinton, provides a platform to simplify and standardise intervention when it comes to performing emergency anaesthesia.

Here are the main features of Crash RX;

  • Compatible with pre-filled syringes, ampoules, vials or a mixture
  • Colour coded and labelled sections of the bag to store each drug classification
  • Secondary access section
  • Auditing options of unique barcode, checklist pocket and RFID/NFC pocket (tag not included)
  • Lockable zips compatible with tamperproof seals
  • Visible expiry date window
  • The Fidlock system on the back of the bag is compatible with Resus SCRAM  

Our MicrAgard SCRAM and Crash RX range prevents the spread of infection and makes it easier to wipe down  

Openhouse invented micrAgard fabrics in its products as a means to bring about infection control. MicrAgard minimises the cross-contamination of bacteria when compared to PVC materials. As well as preventing the cross-contamination of bacteria, micrAgard is a non-rot, UV stable material meaning it can be recycled. SCRAM and Crash RX are made from micrAgard wipe clean, durable, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial material. If SCRAM becomes contaminated then it needs to be cleaned and decontaminated in accordance with the latest infection control procedures. SCRAM bags should never be machine-washed or tumble-dried.

Order your SCRAM and Crash RX bags today!

Order your SCRAM and Crash RX bags here:  New SCRAM™ Products In Collaboration With EMCrit – Openhouse Products