Openhouse Products Manufacturing

Our latest blog post takes a look at the bespoke manufacturing process each of our bags goes through before it ends up with our customers.

Openhouse Products have been a specialist manufacturer of high quality flexible carrying equipment for over 25 years. Every one of our products is designed to offer the maximum comfort and durability to ensure its high quality for many years, even in the most demanding of circumstances. We can provide a full project management service from the development of design through to manufacture and maintenance of the product through its working lifetime.

1. Identify Your Needs

It all starts with your vision and requirements, consulting with our in-house design team, we can turn your idea or concept into reality. Once you have your initial idea, our skilled designers will create a detailed drawing of your product for ultimate flexibility, along with a quotation.

3. Manufacturing Begins

The design and concept is on its way to becoming a reality. The CAD drawings have been made and now your product is on its way to our fully automated cutting room, which receives cutting files from the design team and is then able to immediately swing into small, medium or large volume production. In your choice of colours and finished be in micrAgard or YKK zips.

5. The Shop Floor

Once the cutting has been done it is off to our large team of skilled sewing machinists. Here, using our fleet of identical state of the art industrial sewing machines, we make sure your products are manufactured using time served production processes, ensuring it is built for longevity.

7. Lasting Peace Of Mind

Customer service is one key factor in why we’re often the preferred provider of medical bag equipment to the likes of the NHS, St John Ambulance and Ministry of Defence. We know that sometimes things do go wrong, that’s why we have made it easy to contact us if it does. See our contact page or see below for more details on how to contact us.

2. Create A Pre-Production Sample

We normally create a pre-production sample made by our R&D machinists for you to road test and feedback any required changes. As soon as we receive your order the job is put into our production planning system. It will be given a BOM and the raw materials ordered ahead of time.

4. Personalisation, How You Like It

Your bag will be followed round the factory with its own job sheet, detailing any customisation options you specified, this could be that you want your bag to be bright pink with yellow spots! Or simply, your company logo printed or embroidered. We now also have custom reflective welded badges to ensure the bag remains compliant with infection control efforts read more here.

6. Quality Control

So your bag or backpack has been cut, sewn and put together, now it’s time for Quality Control, yes no product is sent out of our UK factory before being highly scrutinised by our quality control officers. It is their job to make sure that your product leaves the factory in tip top condition.

8. Repair Service

We hate waste! And love to see our products pushed to the limits (it’s how we improve). We still have customers using their same trusty bags on a daily basis 12 years later! With this in mind, should you need a repair over the years we can happily do this in-house at a reasonable cost and return to you in full working condition. If you wish to discuss your requirements or something has gone wrong with your products, you can email us, phone us or even get in touch through Twitter and Facebook. We also offer a fully managed service on our bespoke bags too.