Military Medical Kits

Whether you are simply training in the ranks or knee deep in action on a overseas tour, working in the […]

Whether you are simply training in the ranks or knee deep in action on a overseas tour, working in the military has constant hazards that can cause accidents or even emergency situations. First Aid is necessary in all parts of the military and needs to be readily delivered at anytime.

military dressing

Openhouse stock a number of products that are useful to military companies and private personnel. They range from warmth and first aid items to food and signalling equipment.

Military Dressing

TraumaFix is a substantial and highly absorbent dressing pad. It is designed to hold over 10 times its own weight in fluid and has a VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop style fastening so that it can be secured instantly onto a wound.

Though your average dressing still has its place, they are not able to cope with excessive or large bleeds, and getting the pressure that the Military Dressing can create would be impossible with a standard dressing. The pressure, absorbency and speed of fit make this dressing ideal for use in the military, where wounds and accidents can happen at anytime.

Bizarre Survival Blanket

The survival blanket works to regulate body temperature and to keep anyone injured warm while they wait for rescue. Protecting casualties from cold weather reduces shock and guards against the risk of hypothermia. Survival blankets generally work by reflecting the body’s own heat, creating a thermos style warmth between the body and the blanket, making sure the body loses as little heat as possible.

The Blizzard survival blanket works slightly differently to usual survival blankets as it actually has the ability to heat itself as well keeping the user much warmer and significantly less likely to catch hypothermia. Military users have snapped the Blizzard Survival Blanket up in their thousands, it’s light and compact package will fit easily into any pack.

Self Heating Meals

All day breakfast self heating mealFrom self heating blankets to self heating food, Hot Meal Kits are a selection of meals that with the addition of 40ml of water will cook a hot meal within 15 minutes. Compact and light, like the blanket again, they will fit nicely into any pack and provide a warm meal when it is needed most.

A variety of meals to meet any taste can be picked from pastas, to curry, noodles, puddings and even a Full English breakfast. If you are a cold and need something to warm your insides, and also give you the energy to carry on, then a self heating meal is ideal!

Combat Action Tourniquet

Designed to stop arm or leg blood flow on the battlefield, the CAT, Combat Action Tourniquet has been issued to over 1 million military personnel since 2004. It is a life saving instrument that can significantly reduce blood flow.

Like all the best equipment we have recommended you it is lightweight and has a compact design, this tourniquet could even to fit in a pocket. Some soldiers take 2 CATs with them in the event of warfare.

Signalling Whistle

Perfect for any drill sergeant, or to signal in distress, the Tornado T2000 signalling whistle is the most powerful whistle on earth and was designed to command attention. The peals whistle means that it can get wet and take a few knocks and still work perfectly. A sharp blast from this is sure to get troops into line, or attract urgent attention should you be in distress.

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