Openhouse speaks to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Organisation KIDS

Openhouse interview KIDS, an organisation that care for disabled children, young people and their families, up and down the country.

Openhouse interview KIDS, an organisation that care for disabled children, young people and their families, up and down the country.

kids trolley bag openhouse

Recently Openhouse worked with the KIDS team from Birmingham Children’s Hospital to design bespoke bags and equipment to help improve the teams efficiency.  

They were overjoyed with their products, and we really enjoyed creating them, so we thought we would catch up with BHC KIDS’ Lead Nurse, Emma Bull, to find out more about the organisation and what it was like working with our design team.

Hi Emma, tell us about KIDS.

Emma Bull: We are a NHS funded transport team, we essentially transport critically ill children from general hospital into paediatric intensive care units, so basically we are a mobile intensive care unit for children.

We’re paid for by the NHS, but we are very grateful for charitable donations that allow us to improve our education, customer care and the service we provide for families and their children, making a difficult day that bit easier for them.

How will the bags and trolleys that you ordered from Openhouse help KIDS?

The bags that we ordered from Openhouse were bespoke designed for KIDS. We carry a lot of emergency equipment in our organisation, the bags allow us to carry all of it in one place.

It’s really easy and accessible, it’s so well designed that if we need something we can access it really quickly. The bag is also extremely robust and gives the impression that we are a professional team, which comforts the parents, the hospitals and the people we work with.

How was working with Openhouse and designing the product together?

I like the Openhouse team, they‘ve got a good grasp of what people in the NHS need and what was best for us. Phil the designer and Carl from their Sales department had a better idea of what we needed than we did, so we were able to get the best out of the kit that we were buying.

How can people support KIDS?

We would welcome anybody doing anything to make our name known, so people have an awareness that when parents have their darkest hours there are teams like us across the British Isles that do this amazing job of supporting them and transporting children in intensive care to the places that they need to be.

The crux of the matter is that there is not enough money. In terms of charity donations, we would welcome anything so that we can send our staff to education courses and conferences, buy chocolate and drinks for the parents and mobile phone chargers so they can charge their phone in the ambulance. The donations we receive allow us to go above and beyond for these people.

If you want to give money to BHC KIDS or support them, please visit the BHC just giving  page and see what you can do. They are extremely thankful for every donation they receive.

If you would also like to get a bespoke tailored bag designed for your organisation, please get in touch with Openhouse today.