Openhouse’s Medical Bag Range

A deeper look at Openhouse’s Medical Bags, our popular bag range which organise medical and emergency services’ equipment.

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A deeper look at Openhouse’s Medical Bags, our popular bag range which organise medical and emergency services’ equipment.


Openhouse’s Medical Bag range is made to work in a great number of situations and for different purposes. Every single bag in the range is made with our lightweight and durable micrAgard material, which not only makes the bags easier to transport it also means they are ready for the rough use of day to day work in the medical industry and emergency services.

Barrel Bag

20-00059-2The Barrel Bag was designed to hold oxygen cylinders as large as 2.5 litres and to make carrying and transporting them much easier. The Barrel bag has straps to secure the oxygen cylinder, and it also comes with 2 pockets with elastic strapping to hold items such as a regulator, oxygen tubing and mask, guedal airways, a nasal cannula or a mouth to mouth mask.

Cannulation Bag

Our Cannulation Bags will hold all that is required for a cannulation situation such as cannulas, giving sets, alcohol wipes and tape, which can be held in place with elastic loops, internal fittings and VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop straps. The bag allows users to keep all their cannulation equipment in one convenient and organised place.

Personal Issue Backpack

20-00045-5TThe Personal Issue Backpack is a multipurpose bag that fits conveniently in the centre of your shoulders so that they take the load rather than your back or arms. It’s a useful backpack for carrying documents, assorted gear and even has storage room for a torch. There are 6 pouches, each with lockable zips and VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop for strapping equipment down. One of the Personal Issue Backpack’s key features is that it can be secured to the back of a car head rest, making room to put more things on seats or in the boot.

Oxygen Trauma Bag

Our Oxygen Trauma Bag holds a great deal, as well as being able to hold an oxygen cylinder, you can fit a full trauma kit, to deal with any size of emergency. The bag comes with 5 pouches of differing sizes, each with a window lid that allows the user to easily navigate through the contents of the bag and there’s side access so that the oxygen cylinder may be found quickly.

Intubation Bag

20-00160-2TThe Intubation Bag will organise the equipment used to the maintain the opening of a patient’s airway. The bag is designed to hold everything you need should a patient’s throat close, oropharyngeal airways, laryngoscopes, forceps and syringes. Like the Cannulation Bag, it comes with elastic loops, pockets and straps to keep everything organised and in the right place.

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