2020 has offered a stark wake up call to businesses that being prepared for the worst is absolutely essential. Whilst a global pandemic may seem like an extreme example, Brexit is just on the horizon and will induce significant upheaval – and what about another crisis that could strike like a flood, fire or serious crime?

In light of this, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Crisisboardroom® who are leading the way in business preparedness.

Staying calm in a crisis

The Crisisboardroom® kit is a unique and easily deployable toolkit to aid the management of crisis events. It contains all the necessary equipment such as wall boards, process checklists, role cards, stationery and more. Inclusive of the price you will also receive training from CEO Russ Timpson, providing an immediate boost to your business resilience.

Transforming the kit

When we were first introduced to the Crisisboardroom® kit we immediately saw its benefit and potential, and so set about working with their team to bring a fresh look and feel to the kit. The kit now boasts:

  • A hi-vis coloured lid and reflective print which can easily be picked up by torchlight in the event of a powercut.
  • A smaller footprint to save on storage space, which is also easier to carry should you need to transfer it from an unsafe premises.
  • A smart black exterior suitable for the professional environment
  • Durable and easy-use YKK zips
  • micrAgard fabric for both the internal pouches and external case – our wipeclean, antibacterial, water resistant, fire retardant material

CEO Russ commented, “I am truly delighted with this venture with Openhouse. They have taken the original Crisisboardroom® kit and applied proven manufacturing expertise to ensure the product maintains the same functionality while streamlining and modernising the whole package”.

To celebrate the launch of the new partnership we are offering an exclusive 10% discount on all orders placed in December. Learn more about the kit.