Protecting Your Home During a Flood

Can we really just cross our fingers and hope for the best?

As severe flooding continues to […]

Can we really just cross our fingers and hope for the best?

As severe flooding continues to cause mayhem across Great Britain, can we really just cross our fingers and hope for the best?

The ‘worst floods for 100 years’ have been hitting the United Kingdom’s land over these past winter months and countless news stories of destroyed communities and homes have continued to shock the nation. While weather warnings have pushed people to consider safety precessions to secure their houses in the event of a flood, are we using the correct equipment?

Here at Openhouse, we provide the most up-to-date safety equipment available. We’re going to take this opportunity to show you three modern alternatives to sandbags to protect your home from floods!



Unlike sandbags, Floodsax use revolutionary technology to provide efficiency and practically when floods strike. They are easily transformed from ‘as light as a pillowcases’ to the ruggedness of a sandbag within minutes, making the most of each second during a disastrous moment; should it occur.

Floodsax use a semi-porous inner liner, containing gelling polymer to absorb water and conceal it to form the density and tough-formed body of a sandbag. Designed to fit perfectly
in a doorway, these bags have been rated one of the top ‘must haves’ in the event of a flood.

Floodsax are available through Openhouse’s online stock.


flood2Hydrosack has been called one of the most important developments in emergency flood protection since the invention of the sandbag. Fast and easy to use, this piece of equipment has been praised highly by business owners, home owners and many other institutes who have protected their valuables in the past.
This is a new, modern method to create a effective barrier to the threat of flood water in a domestic and commercial environment. – When the traditional method of a sandbag proves ineffective or labour to use; the Hydrosack shows
perfect usability.

Absorbing up to 20 litters of water per sack, the Hydrosack uses an impressive method of keeping that water inside to create a wall against further water getting in/past.

Traditional sandbags have been known to be tricky to move and place correctly. The Hydrosack makes this easier by not only being lighter, but also using a unique 3-section structure to allow a controlled spread, preventing the contents from moving side to side.



Like the Hydrosack, the HydroSnake has the ability to absorb 20 litres of water or sewage and then hold back further excess.

In total, it weighs less than half a kilo, but on contact with water, will then weigh up to 40 times its own weight. That might give you an example of how powerful this new technology is! Installation of a 20 kilo sandbag would take much, much more time and labour than the half a kilo Hydrosnake. And when time is of concern, this is very important.

Ideal for plumbers or any situation where a flood might occur, the HydroSnake has the ability to fit into positions that might prove hard for any other flood protection equipment. It holds its shape for around 3 months before having to be disposed of – disposal could not be easier or more eco friendly as the HydroSnake’s content can be released from the case into the earth.

Both the Hydrosack and HydroSnake can be purchased online with Openhouse.

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