How to Save Just About Anyone’s Life*

Of all life saving equipment you will not find an item that can save as many lives as the Medical […]

Of all life saving equipment you will not find an item that can save as many lives as the Medical Resus Pack. A fully equipped emergency bag, the Medical Resus Pack carries a great number of life saving equipment in one compact bag made from ultra-lightweight material.

Dental Surgery Medical Resuscitation Pack


The bag’s internal lining is composed of the ultra-lightweight, micrAgard, a high tenacity material with exceptional mechanical properties. The unique material is super strong, intrinsically safe, fluid repellent, rot-proof and it performs excellently under severe abrasion and tearing tests. It is perfect for its use in the emergency services as it is anti-microbial and flame retardant to aircraft standards.

The Medical Resus Pack could save people’s lives from many of the most common killers such as cardiac arrest or anaphylactic shock and help epilepsy and diabetes sufferers regain consciousness.

This must be done with the right medical training in place, as the skills and knowledge required to manage medical emergencies must be known and maintained in order to save lives. For further medical training in medical emergencies procedure courses can be provided for you.

What’s in the Backpack?

In the backpack you will find a D size oxygen cylinder which can be administered to patients in shock. Shock needs to be treated early otherwise it can cause serious medical complications and even death, so to reach the oxygen, located at the back of the bag, the backpack can be opened quickly from the back.

As well as an oxygen cylinder the Resuspod carries an Automated External Defibrillator, AED, which will prevent a death from the United Kingdom’s biggest killer, sudden cardiac arrest. Some 100,000 people die from SCA every year. This is more than breast cancer, lung cancer and AIDS combined. An AED, if administered on a patient quickly can increase their survival by 75%. The backpack also comes with a defibrillator ready pack to prepare patients for the shock therapy treatment.

There are several other pouches filled with equipment and located inside the bag that will aid in the resuscitation of a variety of medical issues. Inhalers for asthma sufferers, adrenaline for patients in anaphylactic shock, glucose for those with hypoglycaemia and medicine for epileptics.

An array of guedal airways to suit different sized throats are also included to stop patients swallowing their tongues and keep airways clear.

To see the Medical Resus Pack, please head to its page on the Oh-Medical site where you can purchase it altogether with its many conveniently stored life resuscitating devices

*Medical training will be required and the items found in the Medical Resus Pack can resuscitate patients suffering from a great many emergency issues, but not all.