School Trip / Back to School Survival Kit

The Teacher’s School Trip Survival Kit is designed to help Teacher’s while on the most perilous and fun school days […]

The Teacher’s School Trip Survival Kit is designed to help Teacher’s while on the most perilous and fun school days of the year.

School trips are happy, informative and irreplaceable ways of teaching children and young people about the syllabus and about the world. They can also be some of the most tense times for a teacher, especially with all the dangers and possible accidents that could occur.

To help you get through these days without too much hassle, and make sure in case of an emergency you are fully prepared for the worst, Openhouse has put together a kit that will make sure any school trip goes smoothly.

Neutral Detergent Wipes

A staple for any school trip. If taps are a while away and you have children with mucky fingers before they eat or any accidents involving mucus or vomit, these neutral detergent wipes will clean any sticky hands or faces and keep them clean.

Monkey Moo ICE bag

If one of the children in your class has severe allergies it would be advisable to let there parents know about the Monkey Moo project which aims to help them out. Openhouse have designed a bag with Monkey Moo that has children’s in case of emergency details, such as blood type, specific allergies, doctors information and next of kin contact details. There are medicine pouches, that will fit a large stock of medicine and security tags should the medicines need to be kept away from other children.

Outdoor Pursuits Kit

Our professionally created Outdoor Pursuits Kit is designed for hill walking Professionally designed for outdoor pursuits, including hill walking, climbing, mountain biking, rambling and camping. It contains a lightweight first aid kit with bandages, dressings, gloves, a survival blanket and much more.

iPad Portable Defibrillator

Your school should have a defibrillator and a portable defibrillator for school trips with teachers properly trained to use them. SADS or Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome kills too many young people, and with the rate of 270 cardiac arrests in schools every year, it is necessary that schools have at least one and maybe even one for school trips too. Lives depend on schools having them, and school trips shouldn’t be without one either.

Openhouse provide many medical and bespoke equipment for the public services, our products help schools of all ages, and we hope to work with as many as possible to make them a safer place.