How to Spot an Authentic Openhouse Product

Each and every product manufactured at Openhouse™ will hold at least one of the following indicators of authenticity, giving piece […]

Each and every product manufactured at Openhouse™ will hold at least one of the following indicators of authenticity, giving piece of mind that you are using the market leading bag, built for longevity, using only the finest raw materials and time served craftsmanship.

Signature YKK Openhouse zip and T-sliders.

Our Zip chain is treated as standard to be water repellent. The dark Grey Colour will mean it shouldn’t attract dirt over time. The metal T-Sliders are lockable and ergonomically shaped for ease of use.





OH Logo in Reflective Print

All of the bags we produce in the infection control range have a circular OH logo printed on them, this is a mark of quality and helps you to be seen when responding in low light conditions.

Production Order Number

Every single item made in our UK factory will have a batch number sewn into the internal seam. This is printed onto a white satin label and should be easily identifiable. These numbers are part of our ISO 9001 requirement but can help you too. If you ever need us to identify an older bag or track an order just quote this number and we can bring up your order details.




The micrAgard™ Label

Our exclusive micrAgard material is unique to Openhouse™ and nothing else on the market compares. It’s a dual faced TPU, treated to be anti-microbrial, rot resistant, fire retardant and extremely robust. Identifiable by the label sewn into the front of your bag seen here.

(unless of course you have ask us not to include it)!

We just wanted to remind our customers, suppliers and competitors of all the benefits and protections that Openhouse™ offers and has in place. Openhouse™ Products are an equal opportunities employer and are are very committed to reducing waste, using recyclable products, and to reducing our carbon foot print. Openhouse™ Products also have a huge area of corporate responsibility. All employees participate in various charity fundraising events and Openhouse™ Products actively encourages all staff to take part in their local community activities.

As the company continues to grow and develop into new areas of activity and with a planned growth into overseas markets, Openhouse™ Products are all about protection of the hard work and hard won business that it has. Our company name and company logo are both registered. Our micrAgard™ products, across the entire range, are protected by trademark. Every item that is produced is registered with the Anti Copying in Design organisation, of which Openhouse™ Products is a member, and all designs are protected by the copyright laws of the United Kingdom and the European Union.

These services and protections are also there to protect our customers and suppliers from others copying our products, selling forgeries, fakes and counterfeit products. Openhouse™ Products, now in its 25th year will, moving forward, prosecute any person or organisation breaching any of the above. Every customer and supplier will now be able to rest easy with the sound knowledge that Openhouse™ Products will protect both you and ourselves.

We are looking forward to the challenges that the next twenty five years brings us.