How an STI Will Save Your Student Halls

STI’s save student halls every year by preventing the theft and misuse of fire extinguishers.

STI’s save student halls every year by preventing the theft and misuse of fire extinguishers.

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I’ll bet you never thought an STI could actually be a good thing in your student halls but in fact they are in many more residents than you might think, saving lives and buildings every day.

Safety Technology International produce some of the most innovative technologies that protect buildings from false fire alarms and the theft or misuse of fire extinguishers.

Here at Openhouse we stock STI’s Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper, it is a brilliant and inexpensive method to stop the theft and misuse of your fire extinguishers. Making sure that if there is a fire your extinguishers are ready to put them out and keep your building safe.

Fire Extinguisher Theft is A Serious Crime

Fire extinguisher theft is a serious crime and can put a great many people in danger, should a fire occur. Fines are high, and in some countries, depending on how serious the crime is, you can even be imprisoned, but this doesn’t stop fire extinguishers being stolen daily.

Shaped like an American stop sign, the STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper is a precursor warning to criminals. After all, having an STI on your fire extinguisher is sure to put any petty criminal off stealing it.

Then should the fire extinguisher be lifted the alarm will instantly go off and you will be quickly alerted and able to catch the culprit. In the event of a real fire emergency, the tripped alarm will also help alert other students or residence that there is a fire being put out and that they should vacate the area swiftly.

STI Specifications

The alarm itself rings at a powerful 105db, meaning attention to the theft will be raised instantly. They are cost effective, easy to install and come with a deactivation pin to stop the alarm. If you have lost fire extinguishers to theft or misuse you’ll know it would be much cheaper to buy a deterrent than a brand new fire extinguisher.

STI suggest that you could use the device for a great many other objects you want protected, such as fire hoses, sprinkler shutoff valves, guns and medicine cabinets.

If you run a student halls company or a residence that makes use of fire extinguishers and would like an STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper, please visit