Following on from our article last week on the benefits of micrAgard PLUS, we are excited to announce we have had some more recent test results.

In this recent testing micrAgard PLUS, PVC and Polyester were all tested to assess their antibacterial properties. The same amount of bacteria was applied to each of the materials and it was found that micrAgard PLUS is 99.26% effective against S.aureus bacteria and 99.7% effective against K.pneumoniae bacteria.  PVC and Polyester were also tested and showed no reduction in the bacteria count, and over a 24 hour period, the bacteria had in fact multiplied.


The test fabric Red MicrAgard Plus Wipe Clean has shown a 2.13 log reduction (99.26%) against S.aureus and a 2.53 log reduction (99.7%) against K.pneumoniae, following a 24 hour contact time.

Untreated control fabrics 600D red polyester and Red PVC showed no reduction in bacterial counts, both fabrics showed an increase in S.aureus and K.pneumioniae within the 24 hour contact time.

We have always strived to ensure micrAgard meets Infection Control standards, to help minimise cross-contamination of bacteria.  These recent results show the effectiveness and benefits of micrAgard PLUS and proves our efforts to ensure our bags are anti-microbial are paying off!

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