We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality products to our customers and push design to new limits.  One example would be our First Response Bag; the First Response Bag is one of our longest standing designs but as you can see it has undergone many changes over the years to ensure it’s the best quality product it possibly can be![vc_single_image image=”27407″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”]The First Response Backpack is designed to hold all the equipment you will need in an emergency situation.  The bag has been developed with an NHS service, and is designed for the frontline first response teams.  This bag has been in use with this service for many years, and continues to be made for them.  The inclusion of various pouches, including an Adult and Paediatric pouch ensure optimum organisation so that all equipment can be located easily.

With the first iteration of the design, our zips were not lockable. Now we have zip sliders on our bags and pouches that are compatible with our tamper proof locks which add an additional layer of security when it comes to protecting the equipment inside. Our zips are now supplied by the brand YKK, who are known as the leading manufacturer of zip sliders.

With today’s design, the bag is made in our micrAgard™ material.  This means the bag is anti-microbial and water resistant, which protects the equipment inside form infection and keeps it dry.  The pouches are also constructed from micrAgard™ offering further protection and the internal webbing and lining is also treated.  We have developed our flexibility for customisation throughout the years and in our current manufacturing process, we can weld, or print any logo onto the bag to bring it in line with any service or practice. We can also make the bag in our range of micrAgard™ colours.

Some things that have never changed are the grab handles to ensure you have a secure and confident grip and the padded backpack straps which make the bag easier to transport across a great distance.  Rubberised base feet keep the material safe from being damaged being picked up or put down in a hurry.

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