UK Budget £1 million into Defibrillators

The 2015 UK Budget was announced last week, and in his address, Chancellor George Osborne, promised to fund £1 […]

The 2015 UK Budget was announced last week, and in his address, Chancellor George Osborne, promised to fund £1 million to buy defibrillators for schools and public spaces, though he made no mention of the NHS.

Life saving defibrillators are a necessary piece of equipment, if someone suffers a heart failure it is paramount that the devices are nearby as the quicker electric shock treatment is given, the more chance patients have of survival.

60,000 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests

60,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur every year in the UK and only 1 in 10 people survive. This statistic could be greatly changed with the influx of more money. Most defibrillators used in public spaces are bought by charities, local businesses or community groups. It’s welcome news that the Government is putting £1 million towards the publicly used devices.

Heart failure can affect people of all ages, all the way through childhood to later life. The Oliver King Foundation, set up in the name of a boy who died after suffering sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, SADS, were happy to hear the news.

Mark King, Oliver’s father, and founder of the charity said, “This is a good move in the right direction.

“We have been fighting for more defibrillators since the loss of Oliver and the fact they are starting to listen is fantastic news.

“I want a defibrillator in every public building along with fire extinguishers, and I won’t stop campaigning until that is law – this is my boy’s legacy.”

SADS Claims 19 Lives Every Week

SADS claims 19 lives every week in the UK. Having a defibrillator in every public space could rapidly decrease this number.

SImon Gillespie, CEO of the British Heart Foundation, was also pleased with the news, but countered that along with defibrillators we need more people trained in CPR.

“If we’re to transform the UK’s poor cardiac arrest survival rates, we need more people to be trained in CPR. That’s why we are calling for CPR to be a mandatory part of the secondary school curriculum.

“In parts of the world where CPR is taught in schools survival rates are double those in the UK.”

No Announcements About the NHS

Worryingly, the Chancellor made no announcements about the NHS, which Ed Miliband leader of the Labour Party was quick to pick up on.

“This is a Budget people won’t believe from a government that’s not on their side. Because of their record. Because of their instincts. Because of their plans for the future. And because of a Budget, most extraordinarily, that had no mention of investment in our National Health Service and our vital public services.”

Here at Openhouse, we are overjoyed with the large funding going towards defibrillators, but the budget’s omission of the NHS is cause for concern.

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