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Openhouse Winter Weather Picks

As much as we love the countdown to Christmas, the conditions outside are primarily cold, wet and dark. With these seasonal […]

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As much as we love the countdown to Christmas, the conditions outside are primarily cold, wet and dark. With these seasonal changes come greater risks when out and about so we have picked some products to keep you safe, bright and dry.

Dry Bags

A perfect gift for lovers of the great outdoors, these bags have a roll top close to ensure they’re fully waterproof. Strong anchor points mean you can join them together or attach other bags to them for a full packing system. Take them camping, hiking, canoeing, bikepacking, motorbike riding and more. Choose from three sizes or bundle up and save.


Tablet Case and Notebook Cover

Tablets offer a whole host of benefits but they are also delicate, so this sturdy case offers the necessary protection from the elements to keep it safe and dry. You can still view the screen through the PVC sleeve so there’s no need to remove it from the case. And because soggy paper is simply no use, our Notebook Cover will keep this dry too! Pair it with a Rite in the Rain notebook for extra durable use like Catseye Rescue have done here.


Extreme First Aid Kit

Nothing beats a wintry walk through frost and fallen leaves but if you are venturing further afield then it’s important to be fully prepared – if your local lockdown restrictions allow, of course! This kit is a step up from our standard first aid kit designed for difficult or more remote environments like hiking in the wilderness, up mountains or in deep woodland.

Extreme first aid kit

Suggested Refill Burn First Aid Kit

Aside from the obvious Bonfire Night, winter can be an unexpected fire hazard! Cozy log fires inside, New Year’s Eve fireworks displays and bonfires in the garden can all pose risks especially if there are children about, so make sure you are stocked up on specific first aid items. This refill kit contains sterile dressings, cooling hydrogel and treatment.

You can help reduce your chances of accidents and injuries by:

  • Using pokers and tongs for the fireplace and wearing thick gardening gloves for bonfires
  • Never leaving candles or open flames unattended or burning when you go to bed
  • Keeping a fire extinguisher and bucket of water accessible by any fire
  • Supervising children and pets around open flames

Burn first aid kit

Bespoke Items

All of our Made to Order items come in a range of colours, so why not go for a fluorescent yellow or hi-vis orange to stand out? As well as this, we can also add printed text and/or logos of your choice – our most popular option is in a reflective silver, again great for helping you be seen in the dark, just like on this pannier design.

Reflective print panniers


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Sam Proctor
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Sam Proctor