Essential Safety Equipment For Every Workplace

Now is the perfect time to get your business organised for the year ahead. We have rounded up our collection […]

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Sam Proctor

Now is the perfect time to get your business organised for the year ahead. We have rounded up our collection of essential safety items you should have in any workplace to be prepared for an accident or emergency.


Defibrillators save lives. It’s that simple. Having one onsite ensures you can offer the best possible chance of survival during an emergency, and we believe it’s an essential piece of equipment for staff and site visitors alike. The Philips HeartStart AED HS1 is one of the most intuitive machines on the market with a simple but very robust design. A particularly helpful feature is that it rephrases instructions until a step is completed correctly, essential if the user may be confused and panicking.

While you’re at it, get everyone qualified by booking a CPR training course for your workplace from St John Ambulance.

Top tip: Make sure the location of your AED is no secret with a colourful wall sticker like this one.

First aid kits and refills

For accidents and small incidents we have kits stocked for 10 or 20 people depending on the size of your organisation. To ensure the kits are easily accessible, consider keeping them in several locations around your workplace and on every floor. The kits are HSE compliant.

If you are already well equipped but need a refill, we have these available too.

Top tip: check that all the contents of your kit are still in date, particularly if you have not had to use it in a while!

Fire safety kit

Equip your fire marshal or designated person with everything they need to fulfill their role during drills or real evacuations with this kit. It includes a hi-vis vest, torch, whistle and megaphone among other contents so your marshal can easily be seen and heard. This kit comes with a standard contents list but we are happy to tailor it for the size of your organisation if need be, let us know via email how we can help.

Biohazard Body Fluid Clean

Containing gloves, an apron, disinfectant spray, a scooper and waste bag, this kit has all you need to ensure unpleasant spillages can be dealt with safely and swiftly after an incident. Now on sale for just £15.


Don’t work in a typical office set-up or need something a little bit different? We can recommend a different product from our range that might suit your needs better or of course create you a bespoke option, just ask us! Quantity discounts may also be available on some products if you are kitting out a large organisation.

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Sam Proctor
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Sam Proctor