Openhouse Goes Global – Introducing Our New Distributors

It’s been a big week here at Openhouse as we have been able to officially reveal two brand new distributor […]

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Sam Proctor

It’s been a big week here at Openhouse as we have been able to officially reveal two brand new distributor partnerships. Our reputation in the UK is well founded, as we approach nearly 30 years of trading, but we have only recently started trading outside the UK and COVID put paid to any travel plans to assist that last year! So let us introduce you to our new distributors…

The Resus Tailor, our USA distributor

The face behind The Resus Tailor, paramedic Adam LaChappelle, explains why he has come on board:

“Finding the perfect piece of gear is an obsession. My ability to provide care as a paramedic can be greatly influenced by the gear I utilize, yet most of the equipment I used wasn’t designed to support quality resuscitation in austere environments. I want to empower other clinicians to provide outstanding care long after I’ve taught or interacted with them. After learning about the SCRAM ® bags and Openhouse Products I knew they would advance the field of resuscitation.

The quality of the bags that Openhouse Products produces supersedes other solutions on the market, in particular the incorporation of human factors into the design. The Resuscitation Tailor is proud to empower clinicians to improve life-saving interventions with the gear they depend on.”

Our director Samantha Proctor comments:

“Adam’s enthusiasm for the micrAgard™ range, and in particular SCRAM®, is evident. He is highly qualified in his field and passionate about improving the treatment he and his peers can deliver. There is a clear lack of high-performance products of this nature in the United States so we are very excited to be working together to bring Openhouse into this new market.”


Edraq Healthcare Solutions, our Middle East distributor

Edraq QSTP-LLC will be covering Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The team are currently exhibiting at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center for Milipol 2021 where the contract was signed, starting the relationship off on a great note around all the interest generated by our products on their stand!

Gavin Casey, the General Manager of Edraq QSTP-LLC (Qatar), said: “Openhouse is a fantastic brand to bring to Qatar and as a Qatar owned company, being located in Qatar gives us a great platform to use our location to expand our footprint in the region.”

There is a particular interest in the region for products to supply the Emergency Services, Military and Civil Defense sectors so we are very excited to see where this takes us.


Both distributors will be carrying the full 2021 micrAgard range plus the Critical Care Patient Transfer Bags and SCRAM range.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please visit this page for more information.

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Sam Proctor
author avatar
Sam Proctor