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Birmingham Community Healthcare had seen an increase in incidents through the trust mainly from nursing staff who had suffered musculoskeletal […]

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Matt Nicholson

Birmingham Community Healthcare had seen an increase in incidents through the trust mainly from nursing staff who had suffered musculoskeletal injuries whilst carrying equipment to and from patients homes in the community. A review was undertaken by staff in various teams and it was identified that there was no consistent approach to the bags used across the trust, various shapes, sizes and materials were used which increased the risk of injury and added to issues around infection control.

An audit was undertaken of the equipment carried by staff and it was identified that Staff with larger bags would overload and carry more items that required, this increasing the weight and size of the bag.

  • Staff would carry all items with them on each visit rather than unload.
  • Some of the bags used were too small – resulting in items being carried by hand.
  • Staff were concerned that the bags  used “looked like nursing bags” so wanted something more discrete.
  • Staff have to carry separate laptop and clinical bags.
  • Many of the older bags where made from materials that harvested bacteria and difficult to clean.

Openhouse’s unique material MicrAgard™  has ensured the trust is complaint with infection control guidelines. One of the major benefits of this project is the consistency across the trust helping with training and development. Staff who have received the new bags have expressed how much better they are in the teams and prefer them to the other bags used and the weight of the equipment carried has been reduced.

After working with Openhouse, Birmingham Community Care used a number of ideas to develop a bag that would meet the needs of all the teams and be large enough to carry the items they require on a day to day basis, without the additional space to overload the bags. A solution was designed to allow staff to pick and choose what part of the bag they needed, rather than taking all items in one go. This involves a Scales Bag  and Observation Bag which attach together allowing items to be carried efficiently.

The Trolley Bag has been designed allowing users to be able to carry their required equipment to and from homes efficiently, reducing the risk of injury. The Trolley Bag has been created to be hard wearing and reliable for users as it is made from  a lightweight rigid frame for strength and durability. The Trolley Bag is equipt with a grab handle on the side, to encourage two handed lifting and also an extending metal  handle for when on the move.  The inside the trolley is divided by a shelf and is supplied with  two pouches to help you organised additional items, the pouches are clear topped allowing the contents inside to be visible and identified when needed.

This product is made to order and so pouches and configuration of trolley can be altered for your requirements, The trolley can be made in a variety of our 8 MicrAgard™ colours.

The Trolley Bag is designed to be used with the Observation Bag and Scales Bag working together efficiently lightening workloads for any users. All three designs are compatible with each other. The Observation Kit Bag and or Scales Bag can be used with the trolley to mimimise the risk of lifting injuries.

author avatar
Matt Nicholson
author avatar
Matt Nicholson