Brayden Baby Illuminating CPR Manikin

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CPR is not a one-size-fits-all process and different techniques need to be applied depending on whether you are aiding an adult, junior or infant. Infants have a small mouth and airway and a small body with a relatively large tongue and occiput. Their ribs are also more delicate but flexible compared to an adult, while their lungs are more delicate and could be damaged by over ventilation. All these anatomical differences mean that specific training is essential to understand how to safely and correctly perform infant CPR.

The Brayden Baby is the first infant CPR manikin that provides real time visual feedback using intuitive lights to allow good quality ventilations and chest compressions. Its accurate physical and anatomical appearance helps create realistic infant CPR training which is very different from adult and child CPR training. Key features include:

  • Smooth and soft non-toxic materials to represent an infant’s skin.
  • An open, interconnected mouth and nose which adds realism when ventilating.
  • A realistically large occiput so the baby lies with its head in the correct position (in flexion). The head needs to be moved to open the airway in the neutral position.
  • A realistic ‘Jaw Thrust/Lift’ manoeuvre is possible to practice opening the infant airway using this technique.
  • Allows correct positioning of the head into the neutral position to open the airway.
  • Realistic occlusion of the airway for an infant when the head is hyperextended.
  • Allows the correct compression of a 1/3 of the depth (AP distance) of mannequin(4cm).
  • An easy to change ‘double filter’ connected to the lung when required.

The Brayden Baby’s illuminating features give visual, real-time indicators of whether or not the techniques are being applied correctly, including:

  • Ventilation indication lights lungs flash a warning if too much air is delivered
  • Chest compression rate indication light shows if rate is too slow or fast
  • Chest compression depth indication light shows if pressure is too strong or shallow
  • CPR quality indication light only illuminates when all elements are being delivered correctly

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Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 55 × 22 × 11 cm


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